It comes as no surprise that Zojirushi  won the Best New Tea Accessory award at the World Tea Expo last June. President and CEO Tatsu Yamasaki provided pertinent information about their insulated tea mugs in a World Tea News post. Having been manufacturing tea accessories for 99 years, they have found the sweet spot when it comes to all things tea. I’ve been using their electric dispensing hot pot for over 10 years. Works like a charm and keeps on going. “Vacuum insulation provides the best heat retention. Vacuum means the air between the outer and inner layers of stainless steel has been removed to create a vacuum insulation. It blocks heat from transferring through air (conduction). Our vacuum insulation also features a copper or aluminum layer that is tightly wrapped around the outside of the inner stainless steel layer. This copper or aluminum layer reflects heat (radiation), further minimizing the temperature change. Additionally, the lids are designed to be insulated and close tightly to block heat from escaping through the top opening (convection). We pride our vacuum insulation as the best in industry. Because we’ve been doing it for so long, we have many proprietary techniques to ensure the best insulation. Additionally, we have tight control over quality with multiple inspections before shipment.” Whether you’re using it for tea or any hot beverage, this is a must have item. Available in a full range of colors, this lightweight tea mug is something that you’ll enjoy each and every day for many, many years to come. Can’t be beat as a holiday or birthday gift for your tea loving friends.