Image courtesy the publisher Argentum Verlag

Yunnan: A Game for Hard-Boiled Tea Traders is a board game created by freelance designer Aaron Haag and published by Argentum Verlag in 2013. The colorful game board highlights a region named Qamdo, along with four well-known Chinese provinces: Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet (autonomous region ), and Qinghai. Where is Qamdo?

Qamdo, also known as Chamdo or ChangDu, is a prefecture-level city located in eastern Tibet. Qamdo’s importance lies not only in its being the gateway between Yunnan and Tibet on the treacherous Ancient Tea-Horse Road but also the region with three river valleys, namely JinSha River, LanCang River, and Nu River.

Yunnan has been thoroughly reviewed via this post. Those who prefer a more visual presentation could watch this YouTube video.

I could not remember the last time I played a board game. Yunnan seems excessively rules-driven and rigid, which could diminish the delight not only in playing but also in learning.

(Editor’s note: we covered some tea-themed board games, including Yunnan, in this post!)

As far as video games are concerned, I quit playing Candy Crush Saga yesterday. I was forced to quit once a few years ago when the version on my first-generation iPad stopped working; this time I forsook it at Level 901 without hesitation. Last week, for the very first time, I spent six dollars on in-app purchase. It is obvious that I am no longer welcome to play the game for free. Interestingly, sophisticated productions like “Super Mario” and “Grand Theft Auto” gave me a physical headache during my first try.