Drum roll please……….The answer is Purple Tea. Not everyone has heard of purple tea. Rich in antioxidants, it has one particular flavonoid, anthocyanim malvidin, which you might recognize as being responsible for the vibrant color of blueberries, cabbage, grapes, acai berries and now purple tea. This strain of Camellia Sinensis is the real deal, offering health benefits beyond green and black teas.

Kenya is the largest grower of purple tea with hundreds of small family farms producing this unique varietal. As most of us have witnessed, it was the profound health benefits associated with green tea that set it up to be the popular tea for those concerned about their health and wellness. Move over green tea, you’ve got some competition.

World Tea News reporter Dan Bolton has interviewed the COO of International Tea Imports, which is the largest purple tea importer, Bhavain Shah.

“After decades of research by scientists in Kenya, we believe they have developed a completely new category of tea.  Purple tea is unlike any other type of tea in every aspect from its leaf structure and appearance to manufacture process to its distinctive health attributes.”

I was delighted to acquire some purple tea to try from Justea.

Simply opening the shipping box was a delight. The vibrantly colored tea tin has echoes of Africa providing a visual connection through its colorful fabric. As a lover of tea accessories, I’ve fallen in love with their wooden spoon which is graced with delicate beading below its scoop. If the tea lives up to the presentation, I think it’s going to be great.

Upon visual inspection, the dry leaves look like a twisted oolong to me.  Brewing it up, it looks a touch darker than most of my green teas but not as dark as oolongs and blacks. If you want to see a bit of magic, add a few drops of lemon and watch the color transformation. I have to admit that I enjoy the taste. It’s without the vegetal notes of traditional green teas, but the flavor is sufficiently strong to provide an enjoyable experience.

As one who began her journey into tea to kick the Coca Cola habit and find a beverage that provided health benefits, I’m drawn to purple tea for similar reasons. Anything I can drink and enjoy that packs a powerful health benefit is sure to make it into my cup regularly. It’s nice to add another delicious tea drink to my limited repertoire. Maybe this experience away from green tea will encourage me to try other types of tea. You never know what the next tea will taste like. It could become your favorite tea of the month.

images from the Justea website