image from the Tea Explorer Facebook page.

I just learned about a documentary film from Canada aired this past Wednesday. It’s called The Tea Explorer and was filmed by a self professed “tea junkie” Jeff Fuchs. Taking his viewers along the infamous Tea Horse Road, you can easily get a feel for the journey that had been taken for centuries. The hardships endured and the weather conditions are but a few of the obstacles these early travelers had to over come. It is truly remarkable that this harrowing journey was repeatedly made by countless people over time.

If you’re a history buff, this is a must see. If you’re a tea lover who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the true story of tea, this should be inspiring. I’m working to see if those of us in the U.S. can gain access to this remarkable documentary film. Here’s the channel information for your investigation.

So grab your favorite cup of tea and enjoy the ride.