I was happy to learn about a new offering of iced tea blends from Glucose Health. I do however have some concerns.

Although you can see what they’ve added to the mix, it fails to show the actual ingredient label so that one can’t see if there are any additives not mentioned. Also, although they note that stevia is used, again, I’d like to see the ingredient label required by all manufacturers. When it isn’t available for review, it makes me suspicious. The dietary fiber and soluble corn fiber could easily be from GMO crops. The other concern is that the ingredients are not organic. This brings unfortunate pesticides into the mix which can very well eliminate any of the otherwise healthy ingredients.

Is it a move in the right direction by eliminating sugar? Absolutely, but it might not really be a “healthy” beverage until we have more information. I have called the 800 number in the hopes of getting more information but at this point, no additional information is available. If I learn anything else, I’ll be sure to add it to the comments section. To be continued.