Cool blades of grass spring up between her toes,
Her eyes drift to soft, shape shifting clouds,
Steam begins to dance across the grass,
The elixir of summer’s end in her mouth.
During the last days of summer, many discoveries can be made, such as finding a forgotten sealed pouch of Lochan Tea First Flush Green Tea. As August flickers to September, it was amazing to find a tealightful treasure full of aromatic, sweet, delicious greens that shape shifted my taste buds. I dreamed of sipping green tea as wispy clouds dance by while my toes happily sank into the grass. A perfect imagery to compliment the first tea of the growing season, hailing from my Spring of 2014 stash.

To set the stage for a wistful late summer brew, the temperature of the water for green tea plays an important role. If the water is too hot, your green tea will be bitter and lose its aroma. Use water that is between 75 – 80 degree Celsius for about three to four minutes, and you will find yourself in green tea heaven. Lochan Tea First Flush Green Tea (2014) is quality green tea. With quality green teas, you can use more tea leaves if you want a shorter steep time, a perfect remedy for those in a hurry to enjoy the last days of summer. If that’s you, simply steep for 30 seconds to a minute, for a maximum of three to five infusions before replacement leaves are needed.

Perhaps, like me, you are fortunate to discover this gem sealed and hidden in your pantry. If not, you can connect with Lochan Tea. They have a variety of teas to infuse and inspire your varied tastes.

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