Standing in a shop selling several varieties of tea from all over the world, I was amazed at the vast choice available to us in the form of various green teas, oolongs, iced teas, floral mixes and others. From the familiar Darjeeling and Oolong tea, there were some names I had never heard of. I was not aware of flavors such as the Japanese cherry blossom and the Peach tea.

Displayed in pretty glass jars with the name of the tea and its benefits clearly labeled on the outside, it was great to know the numerous good effects on health associated with tea drinking.

The Jasmine Pearl  is a green tea and a good source of antioxidants,  removes free radicals, reduces  the risk of cancer  and improves the cardiovascular system .Jasmine oolong tea on the other hand, has relaxing, soothing effects, reduces stress, improves the flexibility and strength of blood vessels and is good for fat burning.

The shopkeeper provided some very helpful tips about the best way to make the rose bud tea and the Moroccan tea, as well as information about the places where varieties such as the floral mixes are sourced from.

It was wonderful spending time amidst so many varieties of tea, learning about them and inhaling the aromas.  Apart from the tea brewing and drinking experience, shopping for tea can also be a truly relaxing experience and I felt no hurry to make my selection.

Finally: the rose bud tea, Moroccan tea, and my favorite Darjeeling tea it was!