Tea Sparrow is a piece of a growing market of subscription-based tea services on the web. Based in Vancouver, Tea Sparrow grew out of a co-founder’s need for natural teas without artificial flavorings. That enthusiasm for natural loose leaf teas led to the creation of this service, which prides itself in curating a collection of teas for Tea Club members every month.

How does this subscription club compare to the rest?

Most of the monthly clubs explored here on T Ching are predominantly about selling and sharing a company’s own collection of teas. This is not a bad thing at all! If you love the tea you’re getting, chances are you want more of it. But this also means that if you’re looking for a way to explore different varieties and different producers, these programs are not going to help you.

Tea Sparrow’s aim is to get you a different set of teas every month. They have tea parties where they try tons of samples to find the best varieties to put into each month’ box. Within each box you will find samples of a different black, green, rooibos, and other herbal tea every month. And each sample has all the info listed on the bag, so you know not only what’s in the bag, but also where you can buy more of it if it turns out this new green tea is your new favorite.

The teas I received were just spectacular. You can tell this is an operation devoted to choosing quality teas for their service. And because you aren’t going to get the same thing month-to-month, that means that if a specific tea didn’t speak to you, all you have to do is wait until next month. You can also request decaf collections if that is more your style.

Out of many tea services we’ve tried, this one, in my mind, is one of the best. The teas are screened for artificial flavorings, so you know they’re all natural, and they’re chosen for the box by tea party (how cool is that?), which means that what makes it into your box is not only new, but delicious.

Definitely give this service a try.

Images courtesy of Tea Sparrow.