“You can enjoy the great outdoors while wishing upon a stir!”

Tstix Classic Organic Green Leaf features an illustration I created a few years ago for “What my Tea says to Me” series. Tealightful!

Packaged perfectly for work, travel, camping, and road trips, Tstix includes twenty individual mess-free tea sticks cozied into a vibrantly illustrated portable cup. Not only is the presentation inspiring, but so is the delicate taste. Each Tstix Organic Green Leaf packet boasts a subtle yet complex aroma and flavor.  I can almost envision myself lounging around a campfire, gazing up at the night sky, with each sip.

The best part? There are no strings attached! Just stir it!

Simply place a single Tstix into a cup and pour boiling water over the packet.  Then, use the Tstix to stir the water until the steaming liquid is a beautiful golden-green. For a stronger brew, let the Tstix steep in your cup for two to three minutes. Good for one infusion! When steeping is complete, I cut the bottom off, remove the leaves for compost, and recycle the sleeve.

Tstix has a variety of other teas to explore, too.

Wish upon a stir and tealightful sipping to you.

Interested in individually designed tea reviews? Weaving compelling visual stories for social media is a passion of mine. I love creating immersive illustrated reviews that awaken people to tea and culture. If you desire an illustrated review to engage your followers, please contact me.