A cup of tea or coffee is perhaps the best way to welcome your mornings. It rejuvenates the senses almost immediately and you feel invigorated. You are now ready to get off the bed, start the day gradually and go on having some good experiences in the world. You could even make mornings more pleasant by having tea in the cup of choice. In fact, it’s possible to have favorite designs or art embossed on the cup or mug and hold something that excites you to no end. You can choose the tea cup matching your tastes and preferences to the core.       

Before choosing the tea cup, you have to consider a number of factors, including –

  • The design or shape of the cup should be something that defines your personality

  • The material selected for the product has to add to the overall experience of drinking the tea

  • Size of the tea cup will determine whether the hotness is kept for the desired duration or not

  • There is software to create or design your own product rather than relying on what is available in the market

Here are tips to choose a tea cup –


Imagine holding a tea cup that has the very design you’d wanted for a long time? It can make you feel happy with every drop of the beverage getting down the throat along with titillating the senses. This is only possible when you know the art and science involved in designing your own cup. There is quality software available in the market that brings the ease and comfort of designing cups or mugs to make tea-drinking special. After all, the look and feel of the cup will matter a lot.     


Let’s admit it – the more creative the cup or mug, the better it feels while drinking the hot beverage. For that, you can leverage technology and design a cup that is all art and floss. A variety of software brings the option to add or insert any images, clip art, text or patterns of choice and lend a visual heft to the product. This way, it becomes amazingly easy to have the art of your choice on the cup and fill morning teas with extra hotness! You can even showcase your artistic side to the world by letting them drink in the cup designed by you.     


Not choosing the right cup might lead to the repeated burning of your tongue on almost every morning. You can minimize this inconvenience by having a product that is wider at the top and with an even angle to the bottom. This way the tea cools down the way it should and you can take sips comfortably without fear of burns. Avoid taller cups and get the one that fits your fingers should you desire a cup with a handle. If the shape is odd and not of your liking, it can take away the sheer joy that your morning cups of tea or coffee can fetch you for sure.    


Size does matter when it comes to the taste and flavor of the morning tea. The smaller the cups, the longer they will keep the team warmer and so on. For that reason, teacups used to be not more than 30-40ml in size as they did not allow the heat to go out before one finished it, literally. In fact, the size does have a say in the texture of the tea as taller cups are generally not considered good for their inability to keep the hotness for longer. So, based on the need you have, you can decide what size fits the bill for you perfectly.  


People generally have stainless steel, glass and porcelain as materials to select their tea cups from. Each of these comes with specific features and preferences for their very uniqueness. While thicker cups may hold the heat for longer, they don’t delight the lips as much as thinner ones do. So, it’s all about the preference you have as every material will have some pluses to have pleasing morning experiences with your tea. Plus, there will be tea cup design software to help you create the kind of product that makes morning teas really special for sure!

-By Akshay Sharma