World Tea News¬†dropped a matcha bomb on us yesterday when they pointed us to tea startup Pret-a-Matcha’s new matcha contraption, the Pret-a-Matcha bottle. And, let’s be honest here, it looks pretty sweet…er, umami:

The Pret-a-Matcha bottle has everything you need to take matcha on the go: storage for the matcha in the bottom of the bottle, a scoop, a whisk, and even a sieve.

The Kickstarter page goes into detail about the development of the bottle as well as a little bit about the company itself, which is always good to see, as the more info and development you see beforehand, the more confident you can be as a backer.

Here’s a diagram showing how the bottle works:

We’ve seen similar tea bottles before, down to the storage compartment for dry tea on the bottom. Recent variations from other Kickstarters have failed to make their funding goals, but a bottle tailored to matcha might give this one the edge. Pret-a-matcha also claims that this bottle¬†is cheaper than buying standard matcha supplies. Backers can get their hands on a bottle with a donation of $60, and early bird backers will get a tin of matcha thrown in too. So if you’ve been unsure about investing in the matcha lifestyle, this might be a great option for you.

It’s hard to say at this point how the Pret-a-Matcha compares to the your standard shaker bottle as far as blending goes, but if you’re looking to upgrade your travel matcha experience, definitely check this one out.