The global music industry is embellished with a few entities that named themselves after tea. Perhaps you have heard of Mr. Tea and the Minions? Blackbeard’s Tea Party? How about the Tea Street Band?

Bristol-based Mr. Tea and the Minions first caught my attention back in 2015 when McDonald’s was promoting its Minions Movie Happy Meal Talking Toys. (One YouTube review of the 12-piece toy set garnered 3.5 million views.) Mr. Tea and the Minions’ band members are clearly tea enthusiasts as they were often photographed holding tea cups. Their Balkan Ska track “No Sugar” contains lyrics that read “I don’t need no sugar, no… Cause the music, is sweet enough.”

The Tea Street Band hails from Liverpool. MaLianDao (馬連道), possibly the most recognized so-called Tea Street in the world, is located in Beijing, China. Canadian rock band The Tea Party entitled its eponymous debut album “The Tea Party” – yet another creation completely unrelated to tea or tea party.

In one of my 2015 posts I mentioned LA-based culinary establishment Lukshon’s tea leaf salad, which seems to contain no tea. Is it really that difficult to prepare authentic Burmese tea leaf salad with fermented tea leaves in Southern California?

To me, the concatenation of “Tea Party” and “Movement” has always invoked one lone thought of the seditious “Tax Enough Already Party Movement,” so I rolled my eye and sighed when one Japanese publication literally translated and specified “Tea Party,” or chakai (茶会)in Japanese, as the affiliation of one notorious provocateur candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. Just what tea has this personality been drinking at what tea gatherings all his life that contributes to his myopia? Fractiousness?!

What have you noticed lately that, upon closer inspection, is actually very unrelated to tea?