Despite over 5,000 international studies expounding the health benefits of tea, there still appear to be some questions…….not sure how that can happen, but our FDA isn’t happy with natural products. No profits to be made there. Give them pharmaceuticals and they’re giddy. Plants, not so much.

A long time tea health enthusiast and recent World Tea Expo award winner of the Best Health Advocate 2017 award, Maria Uspenski has generously made her Tea Wellness Lifestyle Guide available to the masses by subscribing to her newsletter. It’s part of her recent book, Cancer Hates Tea.

Through this informative guide, you can learn the nuts and bolts of keeping your body cancer free and giving it the finger if you’ve already succumbed.

This well written guide is suitable for everyone who wants to include tea into their healthy lifestyle. 4 cups a day and you’re good to go. Maria makes terrific suggestions how to get that amount into your daily routine. I especially like starting my morning with a daily tea ritual and then the afternoon tea break helps with any drop in energy after a busy, harried day. This comprehensive guide should be part of everyones lifestyle management program toward optimal health and wellness.

Well done Maria and thanks for sharing. Maria is also the owner of the Tea Spot which is another terrific tea resource. She’s created lots of innovative ways to making brewing whole leaf tea easy and effortless.