Bare your blissful darkness, 
a dance, wisps of smoke reveal,
satisfaction weaves taste buds of time, 
craving moments alone – a smokey kiss, 
embers sparkle in the night.
 Lapsang Souchong from the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province, China, is a twisted-leaf black tea and is made from the lower leaves away from the tea bud. The lower leaves are dried by a smokey fire and this is traditionally done over pine wood fusing this tea with the aromatic smoke. While enjoying this tea, it reminds me of Laphroaig Four Oak single malt scotch whiskey, aromas of pine, fir willow and oak embers. Smokey sophistication fits this black tea.

Savour the smoke flavor as you pour a red amber brown hued liquor into your cup. This aggressively aromatic black tea brings warm memories of campfires in summer and laughter with friends.  Lapsang Souchong Star is organic and available at DavidsTea.

 Infusing Instructions: 

Warm your tea pot, drain, add 1 to 2 teaspoons to 475 ml (16oz) near boiling water. Infuse the leaves for 4-7 minutes.

I discovered you can steep Lapsang Souchong up to 3 times. That said, the intensity diminishes with additional infusions.

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