Wouldn’t we all like to know that the tea we’ve purchased benefited the lives of others?  At JusTea that is just what happens–however it’s not just tea, it’s JUST tea; justly made in Kenya, justly farmed by Kenyans, justly sourced by Canadians, and justly delicious!

I met Grayson Bain, the founding “father” of JusTea.com at the World Tea Expo a few years back and this post is long overdue. This giant of a man indeed has a giant heart and is doing something in Kenya for which all of us in the tea industry can take pride. You simply must explore the JusTea website; trust me, your heart will be delighted.

The Bain family, from Vancouver, B.C., (fellow Canadians) has undertaken a mission with the small farmers from Kenya that helps entire families of the farmers. What they are doing for women-owned businesses too is something grand as well.

The Bain family-owned and operated business believes in trade, not aid.

“Charity has no end – but business creates jobs. When people earn a steady wage, there is no longer a need for charitable donations. Money circulates in the village, and boosts the local economy. More than $1 trillion has been given as aid money to African nations over the last 50 years, but many countries are poorer and more in debt than ever before. Business creates opportunity for the development of resources, infrastructure, and wealth. JusTea is dedicated to putting people to work, while still making profits in Kenya and North America.”

I recently received some tea samples from their new Purple Tea line, and they are certainly worth sharing. Here is a short video featuring their Purple Tea:

“Purple Tea is low in caffeine and organically grown. This vibrant tea is the only tea to contain anthocyanins, the same super-antioxidants that are found in other purple plants, like blueberries and pomegranates. Anthocyanins have been found to lower cholesterol, improve immune health, and help as a natural anti-inflammatory. Similar to a green tea, our farmers craft Purple Tea as an unoxidized leaf to retain the most health benefits.”

I have to admit that their Purple Rain blend is marvelous, and is also helping the women that grow the herbs that have been added to their Purple Tea.

I will long cherish the hand-carved wooden spoon I received along with the tea samples. “Steep the perfect cup of tea with this one-of-a-kind, hand-carved Kenyan teaspoon. We employ 20 different woodworking families through the sales of these beautiful olive wood spoons. The spoon project is lead by husband and wife, Paul and Penina, with members of the carving community of Makweni (just east of Mt. Kenya). Each spoon purchase creates employment for artisans of the Makweni community.”

The spoons sell for $3.00 each! If several of you simply purchased six of those spoons, and gave them to cherished tea friends, you’d make quite an impact in the lives of Kenyan families. You must try their teas, too!

I have great admiration for the Bain family and their work with small-scale tea farmers which provides them with new opportunities for sustainable growth, as well as employment for the farmer’s families. Their focus on ethical, natural, and quality tea deserves to be recognized. It is my honor to share my tea experience, but moreso the heart-warming journey of new families from two separate countries all becoming one.