Every Wednesday, on my way home, if I remember, I would look for MILK+T beverage truck near a not-so-busy intersection. It usually parks in front of the McDonald’s, but I have not seen it for many months.

It was more than a year ago that I drove past MILK+T’s mobile business, made a u-turn, and stopped behind the mid-size truck. MILK+T claims to be California’s first self-serve boba truck, a sensible assertion as most of the operational tea trucks are not equipped with a self-serve topping station.

Based on my first impression, MILK+T’s business plan seemed to be well-thought-out, which was effectively executed by the team members that scorching Wednesday afternoon when they promptly handed the menu to the customers in line and provided succinct instructions on how to place an order. By naming their concoctions The Best Friend and Guilt Trip, the proprietors target the Generation Y and Generation Z markets. One Yelper actually commented on how, and I quote, “MILK+T’s drinks are super customizable and sooooo instagrammable!”.

I ordered Bombsquad and expected nothing more than average sweetened tea. Upon receiving my drink in a Mason jar adorned with a manila tag, I started preparing that night’s dinner. Instead of boba, I supplemented my tea with the supposedly more healthy aloe and chia seeds.

Here is the menu description of Milk+T’s Bombsquad:

An explosion of fruit flavors with handcrafted simple syrup and green tea. What fruit flavors you ask? Well you’ll just have to guess.

I am still guessing the flavors.

After writing my Tea Truck post in 2011, I longed to encounter a beverage and food truck that offers the Little Princess experience!

Today MILK+T travels to more touristy locations in the city, such as Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. I hope the business will continue to enforce its straight-thinking mission:

Our goal is to provide the highest quality drinks while offering complete transparency. We aren’t afraid to tell people what we put inside our drinks– because everything we put inside is natural. We use real fruit and sugar to make our syrups and real lactose-free milk to make our milk teas. Stop by and grab a drink! If you don’t love it, we will do everything we can to please your taste buds, or your money back.