Meditation is an excellent and satisfying way of bringing yourself into the present moment. There are many different forms of meditation to ground us, and provide the energy and focus we need to get through the day without feeling burnt out. One of the ways to meditate is through Japanese Tea Meditation.

Tea Meditation is a Japanese art that one can understand, albeit not quickly enough for everyone, through the phrase “one time, one meeting”. This phrase should help us experience life–and every moment that makes it–to the fullest. It is a reminder for us that in this world, we only have the present and its uniqueness to carry us through.

The tea ceremony provides us the opportunity to become present at the moment, and to appreciate it and be grateful for it by living with an open heart. Although the act of preparing and drinking tea may seem simple, doing it with an awareness and a grounded presence can be quite challenging, especially for a beginner.

You can use any type of tea you prefer. My favorite is oolong tea. Here are the steps you should remember when practicing Japanese Tea Meditation, so you will be present as well as aware while doing something simple.

Make Tea

Acknowledge your inner chi as you follow the steps. Get the tea out of its box, clean the cup you are going to use, and let the tea steep in hot water. After making your tea, sit with it first, then inhale its aroma. Feel the warmth in your hands, and look at the colors swirling in the cup. Imagine the journey of the tea leaves before they arrive in front of you.

Be Grateful

Before taking a sip, it is essential to be thankful for the tea, and for all the people who made it possible for the leaves to reach your cup. Also be grateful for the moment you have, the leaves, the water, the good health, your cup, your chair, and your surroundings. Be thankful for the reality that allows you to perform the tea ceremony.

Savor the Tea

It is best not to focus on all the other things going on in the world as you drink your tea. Feel the sensations that the tea creates. Savor the taste, take in the smell, and feel the tea in your mouth as it tickles your taste buds.

Think about the movement of your arm and wrist as you bring the cup closer to your lips. If you have other thoughts that come to you as you drink, be aware of them, but let them pass. Don’t dwell on them for too long.

Remember, this particular act of drinking is unique. Whether you share the moment with someone else or just with yourself, drinking that specific cup of tea will not happen again. You are in a moment you should savor. After finishing your tea, give thanks again. Be grateful for completing the meditation. It can add to the richness you would feel about life. Gratitude will also help you stay in the present.

After the Tea Meditation

There are a lot of benefits that tea gives to a person’s body. Drinking tea promotes everything from immune defense to weight loss and fertility. The meditation, while the goal of this exercise, is not the only benefit to drinking your tea.


Taking part in a simple but profound meditation can be your gift to yourself. By being present and grateful at the same time, you get to enhance your experience of life. You bring that understanding with you, not just during the tea ceremony but in the other waking moments of your life.

Aside from benefiting from the antioxidants found in your tea, you can also improve your presence in the moments you live. As a result, you could also improve your relationships with other people by learning the value of being present and by practicing it by heart.

Harry Beckett is a blogger and health enthusiast. He is also a self-ascribed tea aficionado. Harry loves to learn about and share the different benefits of tea. He also likes to drink various tea flavors because they are healthy and delicious. During his free days, Harry likes to read men’s magazine while drinking tea. He is currently affiliated with OMG Brah! male supplements.