The magic and mystery of tea; so many of us have fallen under its spell!

In the beginning, it may have seemed that some of us just stumbled into all of this, but most of us know deep down inside that things don’t just happen. Falling into the world of tea and discovering its magic wasn’t by accident. Finding each other, forming life-long friendships, feeling instantly connected, finally fitting in, forging foreign lands, bridging foreign barriers and borders, forgoing the norm, and finally feeling free. Who would have thought? Who could have dreamed?

Yes, all this over tea! Okay, perhaps I got a bit carried away. But look out, that’s what tea does to you. Ah, but it can also do that for you!

Tea can carry you away. Sip by sip, one can be transported from a very rough day into the calm seas of tranquility. I wanted to know why tea always seemed to be associated with serenity and calming one down, while other beverages are consumed for the opposite effect. This was part of the mystery and fascination with tea to me.

I’ve spent years writing on what I discovered about tea and tranquility, what I now call it tea and transformation, because tea has the power to do that, too.

I cautioned to look out for what tea will do to you – tea is more about looking in to find what is there waiting for you.

Essentially, the power lies within each one of us; tea allows us the quiet time to discover our dormant or undiscovered powers. Yes, that is what meditation does, too. So absolutely why not marry the two? Bring together tea and meditation.

Today, I have gifts for you that bring these two mystical wonders together. They are short little books with sip-by-sip instructions on how to meditate with a cup of tea. It is my sincere desire (I know many of you feel the same way) to see more people drinking tea, as well as more people learning to meditate. For several years, I’ve facilitated guided meditations with tea, and now I’d love to share them with as many people as I can reach so they can learn how to do this for themselves.

I have a few links to share with you that will take you to a sign-up page where you can immediately receive two different meditation guides.

The first one is simply a heart-opening, seven-sip meditation to get one accustomed to sipping and surrendering while focusing on the physical heart.


The other option is a seven-sip meditation to introduce bliss. Bliss, like meditation, is something rather elusive for many people. Again, I bring them all together for you: tea, bliss, heart expansion, and meditation.


These complimentary guides do not lead you to purchase anything. I simply wish to give them away, with the hope that people will follow the simple procedures to sip their way to serenity. Alternatively, they may perhaps find tranquility, or bliss, or inner peace, some stress release, or a reconnection to something divine within their very being. Gosh, when repeated frequently, they just may discover all of the above!

Almost nothing would make me happier!

While I’m sending out links, I am still looking to create my Tea Enlightenment series with ten tea terms from as many tea folks as I can find! I plan to offer tea enlightenment as a daily inspirational and educational message to those who have expressed a desire for both. I will also put out an invitation to others across the globe who wish to join or receive a short daily bit of tea information along with a brief heartfelt message.

Providers of each tea term used will be given a link to their website, blog, or product line along with the message of the day. Each tea term supplied will need a brief, one- or two-sentence description of the word; simple terms with simple definitions. It is my goal to reach novice tea drinkers and give them just enough information to pique their interest – but not enough to overwhelm them.


This sign-up link will allow me to keep everyone in the Tea Enlightenment program together, for ease of communication, as I assemble the program. Again, this link will not lead you to make a purchase of any kind in the future.

Currently, I have 10 Tea Terms from Dan Robertson, Thomas Shu, & Kulov. Thank you, gentlemen! For a “Tea Term of the Day” series, I’ll need this list to grow considerably!

My appreciation in advance – let’s get some tea ladies on this list!