Travel Tea-1With an often hectic travel schedule, I rely on tea to keep me balanced while away from my home routine. While I love enjoying loose-leaf teas at home, they are not as practical to bring along on my travels. I’ve found a few bagged teas that have become my go-to’s while traveling. They all serve a different purpose, but are equally important to bring along. While many in the tea community are anti-bag, sometimes you just can’t beat the convenience if you’re in a hotel or restaurant without the proper equipment.

That being said, I refuse to compromise on quality. I turn to one of my favorite tea brands, Yogi Tea for great travel options. I’ve also recently added a tea from Numi into the mix. Here are 4 of my favorited bagged teas that are always in my travel “snack pack.” They’re not only for pure enjoyment, but help cure some of the side effects that come along with traveling.

Yogi Tea Raspberry Ginger Digestive Vitality – Ok ladies, I’m mostly speaking to you here. If you’re anything like me, no matter how long the trip, as long as it’s on a plane, you get blocked up. Who knows if it’s the plane ride, time change, or being out of my routine, but either way, I’m always irregular when I travel and sometimes it gets very uncomfortable. I turn to this Yogi Tea when I need help getting things moving. It works every time and with just one cup.

Yogi Tea Ginger Lemon While not as intense as the Raspberry Ginger, I use the Ginger Lemon after I’ve had a particularly rich meal. I often like to indulge in new foods or (okay, AND) sweets when I travel to a new location. This tea helps soothe my tummy. It can also be great for motion sickness or hydration while in transit.

Numi Moroccan Mint – A very recent addition after my trip to Morocco. While it’s not really a Moroccan mint tea, it has a wonderful spearmint flavor and is an excellent tea for when I’m looking for something sweet, but need to cool it on the treats.

Yogi Tea Bedtime – When I travel, my sleep schedule always gets thrown off. Plus, it’s often hard to wind down before bed after all of the new experiences. This chamomile blend is the perfect before bed ritual to help you get your beauty rest for your next big day of exploring.

Do you have any favorite travel teas? Have you tried any of the ones I share here? Comment below! I’m always looking for new recommendations.