We’ll begin with the statement that every human body is different. The processes and mechanisms that run it are complex, and we should be informed enough to understand at least the general rules that govern our bodily functions and development. Some people seem not to mind what they eat and when they train, and their muscles can grow in just a few months. Others find getting a few pounds of muscle mass very difficult.

How, when, and why do our muscles grow? If you want to build up some muscle mass, don’t go running straight to the gym, but grasp the foundations that contribute to muscle growth. Proper nutrition and training routines, efficient muscle contractions, and consuming certain minerals that promote protein synthesis (such as ones found in tea, which we will talk about later) stimulate the release of anabolic hormones that encourage muscle hypertrophy. Ancient exercise techniques and an ancient beverage can make an enormous difference.Workout for strenght gain


One of the key factors for building muscle mass is the quality of your strength training. Performing strength training for all major muscle groups at least 2 times per week is advised. It will give you more strength, help you look more toned, so you don’t look like a flabby skinny guy after you lose the extra weight that bothers you. You can achieve this with enough strength training, as well as swimming, Pilates or yoga. Whenever you manage to work your muscles to exhaustion and create resistance, you are building muscle.

There are various benefits that come with getting stronger. Your body burns more calories when you have more lean muscle, because muscle mass increases the metabolism. Older people can make big improvements regarding their quality of life with strength training, as having enough muscular strength can mean the difference between a nursing home and independence.

However, building muscle is not an easy task. A decline in muscle mass begins in your 30s, and between age 35 and 50, an average person can lose 5-7 pounds of muscle due to disuse. Also, when you lose weight, half of it you lose is muscle (this can be minimized with a proper nutrition).

Healthy foodNutrition

Apart from the necessary minerals and vitamins that you should absorb by eating vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other foods, protein is the most significant for your muscle building mission and healthy living. Muscle mass, strength, as well as bone health and immune functions can be impaired when the intake of protein is too low. Consuming the right amount of it at the right times can be very effective for weight loss and muscle gain. It is suggested that people should get up to 35% of their calories from protein (but never exceed this amount).

How much protein is enough? Well, about 1.2-1.6 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight is enough to prevent bone and muscle loss. Foods that contain higher amounts of protein are meat (pork tenderloin, lean veal cuts, and lean beef cuts), poultry (with no skin), eggs, seafood, grains, and dairy products (low-fat cheeses, non-fat yogurt, and skim milk).

Tea and muscle buildingThe Anabolic Effects of Tea

A 2008 study, conducted at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil, suggests that tea improves muscular strength. Tea contains compounds called polyphenols which reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, preventing muscle breakdown, and improving bone mass and muscular strength. It makes sense that any foods high in anti-inflammatory compounds and anti-oxidants can help improve muscle strength. You can, thus, add any kind of natural herbal tea or a Fusion Health product to your nutrition, in order to reap the benefits of its anabolic effects. A cup of tea half an hour before your resistance training and you’re good to go.

The combination of tea and strength training can result in a bigger increase in maximal strength. Perform strength trainings at least twice a week, do your cardio, choose walking over driving, keep your protein intake at an optimum level, and drink tea every day. It will aid your muscle building efforts, as well as keep your body lean and in shape.