IMG_2929It has been almost a decade for me as a contributor here on T Ching, and I have stated many times how I feel those of us in the world of tea can all be of help to each other. That we really should not feel we are competing with anyone else in the industry because the tea industry needs all of us. We all came into this business with, and because of, a love for tea, and with each of our own individual gifts and talents; we can all create something unique and profitable.

At the beginning of 2017, I formed my own publishing company, RED POPPY PRESS. Mostly because it just made sense to do so because of all the materials I have written. Yes, most of what I have written is about tea. Therefore, it also made sense that on my new website, people should be able to find some tea!

Since it will take the majority of this year to publish my books, I wish to offer those that find my website something they may purchase immediately.

Tea has been the vehicle I have used for over a decade to encourage people to slow down, sit quietly, calm their minds, relax their bodies, and change their thoughts, all while sipping tea.

Yes, there should be some tea for sale on my RED POPPY PRESS website!

I am looking to feature a few organic tea companies on my website. Of course, there should be teaware, as well.

If you are an organic tea company with an affiliate program already in place, please let me help you sell your products! Alternatively, if you know of an organic tea company you would recommend, please contact me, or feel free to give them my information.

It is my desire to feature only organic products, simply because that is my personal choice. I am open to the consideration of other organic products that have tea in them, as well, such as body and beauty products.

I am also looking to create a daily TEA ENLIGHTENMENT program that will go out via email to those who subscribe. I am looking for 10 TEA TERMS from all over the world with a brief 2 or 3 sentence definition of each tea term. For those who provide the term, I will feature your full name, company name, and website with an active link that will take the subscriber over to your site or product line.

IMG_3024My desire is to provide tea knowledge (enlightenment) to the subscriber along with a few words of daily inspiration. Uplift and enlighten that is my goal. It also gets awareness out for the provider of the tea term. Ideally, I will collect 365 tea terms from all over the globe for this to be a yearly enlightenment program. The terms will go out randomly every day, not all ten terms from one person/company will follow each other, thus providing a broad span of information and variety.

Just as a suggestion: if you are from another country or growing region, choose words that apply to your area, or terms that apply to your country. Keep them simple enough for a novice tea person.

If you choose a term that someone else has selected I may choose to ask you for another term or go with it if your definition has a slightly different meaning.

I have collected several groups of tea terms from various tea industry people so far, but I’d be most grateful for a whole bunch more! Win-win-win! The subscriber learns about tea, learns about you, and receives a moment or two of inspiration.

RED POPPY PRESS is still undergoing daily changes and will continue to grow and evolve, but please feel free to visit the site.

To reach me directly via email:

I do understand the value of win-win-win scenarios and those are the only ones of interest to me. When one of us prospers, so should others.

Let’s see how we can be of help to each other and the tea industry as well! 2017 is going to be a fabulous year! Let’s become tea partners this year.