Dubai, the city of glitz and glamour, where I have been an expat for over fifteen years, is now witnessing such an increasing popularity for afternoon tea that there is a host of options available here with chefs all over the UAE trying to beat the competition and lure in customers. The result is a wide choice for tea lovers to spend a few hours in an elegant setting with gallons of tea and a variety of delicate and dainty accompaniments.

The selection of teas available from across the globe, the different views to enjoy while relaxing with friends over afternoon tea and the various innovations in the nibbles accompanying the tea is as varied as it can get.

One could be sitting in an elegant cafe in a busy mall watching the multicultural crowds milling around, enjoying the relaxing views of the beachside or sitting in a posh cafe on one of the top floors of the iconic Burj Khalifa surrounded by unparalleled views. The city residents and visitors are definitely spoiled for choice.

The selection of teas on offer could vary from Taiwanese and Chinese teas, Indian masala chai, the Earl Grey and others. What is also interesting is that Dubai has on offer a lot of innovations to cater to every whim and fancy of the lovers of this wonderful tradition of afternoon tea. There are a variety of children’s options featuring burger-shaped macaroons and cookie–flavored fries as well as fashion themed teas with cakes shaped like handbags and stilettos, that seem too pretty to eat. In fact, there is also a dim sum afternoon tea and many places offering an Arabic take on it with miniature options of popular Arabic sweets and savories. There is a Gentleman’s afternoon tea, too!