EDIT: The Kickstarter campaign is now live and can be found here.


Tea is often the drink to accompany conversations. Tea keeps you warm on a rainy day and accompanies you as you delve into the adventures in a book. Tea can soothe and heal. For one boy, tea manifested as a social catalyst that started a social transformation that was carried down through generations. Nishchal Banskota stepped up with an idea of a social business venture to promote Nepal’s first certified organic tea from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate with the hopes of providing best quality tea to tea drinkers worldwide.

With four years of liberal arts education, Nishchal found himself being drawn towards socially responsible business models and was constantly thinking of ways to develop such a model. From this desire to create a business model with social repercussions came Nepal Tea, which officially took off in May of 2016. Nepal Tea attempts to cultivate the orthodox tea drinking practices which is a vital tradition in many Asian cultures.

Nepal Tea also aims to support the tea farmers by eliminating middlemen and directly trading products with the farmers. By keeping the channel clean, the farmers get the maximum benefit.

DSC_0479Apart from the sustainable income for the tea farmers, Nepal Tea also practices corporate social responsibility via the cow bank project that distributes cows to farmers, enabling them to earn extra income; an educational scholarship project that provides full educational scholarship to their children; farmer’s co-op that provides subsidized food to the farmers; and the free house project that provides their family with the accommodation they deserve.

Nepal Tea is expanding its social projects to other tea-farming communities in Nepal. People involved in the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate have benefitted greatly from the social initiatives and this proven model encourages Nepal Tea to go beyond. Additionally, creating a physical location and having a organic certified warehouse in the US would make distribution and supply easier and quicker to North America and other international markets (Most tea from Nepal in the US come from middlemen in Germany).

Therefore, Nepal Tea is initiating a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (link to the project coming soon) with the hopes of bettering a nation constricted by poverty. You can go to nepalteallc.com to back the project and spread the word.

~Nepal Tea

Nepal Tea LLC is currently based in New Jersey and brings forth a wide range of tea (from white to black as well as herbal) and a selection of custom prepared tea blends to choose from.