By Anne Robins

Yeah, you probably won’t be too surprised that we’re about to push tea in a massive way. But why not? Tea’s awesome! And its benefits really can’t be extolled enough. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire article to convincing you that making tea a priority in 2017 is the right thing to do. Ready? Strap yourselves in. We’re fairly certain the majority of your new year’s resolutions will revolve around tea in one way or another.

It’s Tasty (and Makes you Look Cool) 

People go pretty wild for alcohol in all forms during the festive seasons, but we don’t need to tell you that excess alcohol can have serious health complications. All people will benefit from reducing their alcohol intake, but for some people alcohol is a much more serious issue: then, they need go through a specific program where alcohol is removed totally from their body. They’ll feel good after it, for sure, but it’s not an easy process. What’s to drink if not a beer?

Enter tea! There are more than 3000 varieties of tea, so there’s definitely going to be one or two (if not hundreds of) types that give you just the same taste satisfaction you get from your favourite alcohol tipple.

Bonus points? It makes you look cool. Head to a bar and everyone has their hands around a beer or glass of wine; someone sipping on a cup of tea is a curiosity. Cultured, cool, and sophisticated – all the while giving your body something that won’t negatively affect you in the morning. Sounds like a dream, right? Not a dream…just tea.

It’ll Keep You Going

Think coffee is the drink you need in the morning? Ah, we used to be just like you. Then we discovered that tea beats coffee in the morning any day! Why? Well, it does everything coffee can do and more! If you need your caffeine rush, then you can find a tea high in caffeine and drink two. Job done.

That’s one simple comparison. How about this? We wake up in a million different moods. Sometimes we’re reflective, some time we’re alert, some time we want to be left alone…yeah, show us the person who wakes up in the same mood every day and we’ll show you a robot! Coffee isn’t the worst thing in the world (it’s nice, we admit it!), but it can’t match tea for sheer diversity. There’s a type of tea for every type of mood. Keep a selection to hand and you’ll have the perfect brew to start the day in a thoroughly unique way. Celebrate the differences of each rising sun, it’s the best way to live!

It’s Good For You 

Everybody’s looking for something that tastes great and is also good for them. Cake? Nope. Fast food? Certainly, certainly not. Tea? Absolutely! In fact, the health benefits of tea still haven’t fully been understood, but scientists are learning more and more all the time. There’s evidence to suggest that tea can reduce the risk of having a heart attack, as well as against cardiovascular conditions.

If that last one is important to you, take a look at green teas. We’re not saying it’s a wonder drink, but…it’s reasonably close to being a wonder drink. It’ll help against obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and a whole host of others.

There’s plenty of other benefits, too. Some studies have shown that it can help keep teeth in healthy shape. It can also help keep your mind sharp and boost your memory capabilities. And how about this for a big one: it might even help you lose weight. Some studies suggest it’s a good aid if you’re trying to shift some weight.

Have we convinced you to make tea you’re go to choice in 2017? We hope so. But you’ll have to find out properly for yourself! Get involved in tea and you’ll develop a passion you never knew existed. Take a look around our website to learn everything you’ll need to know to make a cup of the good stuff an important part of your daily schedule.