2734874253_d311d53fb0_oWith the election over, millions of people throughout the United States are angry, frightened and feeling betrayed. The amount of stress, anxiety, and depression is unprecedented.  We can hold onto these negative feelings or we can move forward in our lives. Despite this unanticipated event, we are still among the most fortunate people in the world. Yes, we have continuing problems throughout our cities, yes we have homeless people trying to survive, but it is on a level that remains higher than in other countries around the globe. There are homeless shelters and free food available to most people in larger cities. Despite their challenges, these are a respite against the cold and hunger that plague so many people in every corner of the world.

Most of us have the pleasure of sitting in a warm home while enjoying a cup of tea. A simple pleasure, a simple cup of tea. Most of us have families to share the holidays with if we so choose. Most of us have options. It is easy to forget that so many have no options. It is easy to forget that many people are being attacked each day with bombs and bullets and live in a constant state of profound fear. Many countries have offered them asylum, many have not. In the U.S., we are not in that position every minute of every day.

So during this time of reflection as the year comes to an end, I suggest you make your favorite cup of tea and sit in silence, reflecting on all your blessings. You can start with the enjoyment of a simple cup of tea in a safe and warm home.

May 2017 bring health, peace, and joy to all of us around the world.