cupan-tae-2 If you were given the chance to live abroad for a year, would you take it? My response was an absolute yes. It was a no-brainer decision when my husband was offered the chance to move to Dublin, Ireland for work.

As avid travelers, we looked at this move as a chance to explore new places and cultures. There’s always something different to see, smell, hear, or taste. We would have Europe at our fingertips with the convenience of budget airline Ryanair based out of our home airport. 

Little did we know how many places we’d explore. We are based in Dublin during the week, but travel as much as possible on the weekends. I went from a “9 to 5” to spending my days creating unforgettable itineraries, finding the best places to stay for our money, and searching for flight deals.

I started a travel blog, Two Blue Passports, with a girlfriend as a means to share these adventures. We’ve found through our years of planning trips that tips from friends always turn out to be the best travel advice. We share our practical tips and creative itineraries for seasoned as well as first time travelers to ease the planning process and encourage others to get out and explore the world.

Along with the highlights and adventure, travel also brings uncertainty. During our second weekend in Ireland for instance, we rented a car and drove to the west coast of the island. We found the cutest Airbnb, a newly renovated-barn-turned-guest-cottage that boasted freshly lain eggs and homemade soda bread about 30 minutes outside Galway. We arrived at the house shaken and frustrated after getting lost for hours in the darkness without internet.

The next morning, we headed into town in search of breakfast and a place to warm our spirits. We found Cupan Tae, a traditional Irish Tea Shop, and knew we had to go in. The small shop was filled with the scent of freshly baked scones, white doily tablecloths, and colorful china. We ordered the full Before-noon Tea with their house favorite Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea. Talk about a special tea – it will turn any coffee lover into a tea convert, just ask my husband. It’s a flavored black tea with a hint of roasted coffee beans and jasmine flowers.

cupan-tae-1I walked in with a feeling of doubt that perhaps we had made the wrong decision to move abroad. Even though we were living in an English speaking country, there were new customs and everything was more of a challenge. Looking back, I was a bit melodramatic, but in the moment it really hit me that we truly were foreigners.

I walked out with a smile and renewed sense of adventure. Wasn’t that why we moved in the first place? It’s amazing what a hot pot of tea and the warm Irish hospitality can do for one’s attitude. I make it a point to pop in when we’re in Galway and recommend Cupan Tae to visitors. Now, we look back on that weekend and chuckle and are reminded of the comfort of that Dreamy Creamy tea every time we brew it at home.

Do you have a favorite comforting tea? Perhaps a similar tea experience? Share with us below!