I have been enjoying the articles on World Tea News since its inception. They have always offered pertinent and valuable tea related stories and news. Not the case with a post by Stephenie Overman. Her piece is entitled “Sugar’s Calories May Serve as Destressor“.

My guess is that this “research” of 50 people, hardly a significant sample by the way, demonstrated that sugar, which adds calories, is the key to people feeling “destressed”. Who wants to bet that this was funded by the sugar industry? Yes, according the Stephenie’s post, the beverage industry has been switching out sugar for “non-nutritive sweeteners”. I just love that term – non nutritive. Certainly conjures up something that isn’t really healthy or worth eating. The reason the beverage industry has been ditching sugar is that it’s POISON. People are dying in record numbers because of sugar. It increases weight, contributes to obesity, diabetes and countless diseases that have plagued this country for decades.

The American Heart Association says this about sugar.  “Getting too much added sugar in your diet could significantly increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, according to a study published in April 2014”. If you want to really get some facts, watch the U Tube video put out by University of California featuring Dr. Lustig – who entertains and educates about the politics and facts about this dangerous substance. With over 6.5 million views, it’s easy to listen to while you finally get educated about sugar.

Bottom line my tea drinking friends; do not add sugar to your tea. Nibble something healthy along with your tea if you’d like to add a few calories – that’s IF this research is even valid with only 50 people. Again, my instincts tell me this was funded by the sugar industry. That’s just how they’d try to bring sugar back to the masses. We’re smarter than that. Sugar is bad no matter how you use it. I’m a fan of stevia – you’ve got to use only a touch or you get an after taste however. Please stay away from artificial sweeteners that are known carcinogens.  Truth is, allowing your pallet to get used to enjoying the subtle flavors of tea without anything added, that should be your goal. Be patient and within a few weeks, you’ll be loving your tea straight up.

When a well respected company chooses to publish this type of “research”, it provides information to the public that is not in their best interest. This is how the sugar industry will try to gain a foothold back into the mouths of the masses. Everyone loves the taste of sugar and if we give them some “science” to support their habit, it makes it a bit easier to subcomb and justify the added sugar. Don’t be fooled. Sugar is not good for anyone. They can come up with countless pieces of research to show anything they want to show but really what they’re doing is providing miss information to the public when they choose to use sugar as one of the variables. If adding calories to reduce stress is the goal – using sugar is the worst choice that can be made. There are countless healthy options available. Please don’t be fooled into thinking you’re doing something good for yourself by reducing stress if you put sugar into your tea. You’re definitely NOT.