Those of us living in the U.S know the sense of fear and foreboding that has reached epidemic proportions. Truth is, it’s a scary time in the world as people suffer around the globe.  At this time of Thanksgiving however, let’s lift our cup of tea and focus our energies on our blessings.

We can begin with the simple cup of tea. Despite struggles around the world due to climate change, bigotry, war, or even inadequate wages for tea pickers, we have the pleasure of enjoying tea each and every day with countless options to satisfy even the most demanding among us. We have the joy of waking up each day to a spectacular sunrise and ending the day with a glorious sunset. Nature brings not only our precious tea but the daily delights afforded to us as we watch the trees blowing in the breeze and the birds flying around to offer us an aerial show. Even fog and mist can bring pleasure to the viewer.

Although our struggles in the U.S. are significant, it pales against what refuges fleeing for their lives are dealing with. Some of us will become activists for the causes we believe in. Some will donate funds, some will donate their time, all in support of causes they hold dear. Being of service in what ever way makes sense to each of us is the gift we all can give.

Hopefully we will share this holiday with family and friends as we feast on natures bounty. May this holiday season bring peace and joy throughout the world.

Photo “Tea cup” is copyright under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License to the photographer Alex D Stewart and is being posted unaltered (source)