connoradlam-2016-10-30-02In our tea drinking careers, it is often helpful to keep a detailed record of what we have tried, and whether or not we like something. It keeps us focused on improving our experiences in the world of tea and prevents us from the making the same mistakes more than once. Particularly if you age puerh tea, keeping a tea log can help you to record a tea’s changes in taste and flavour. As well as colour and aroma.

Setting up a framework for keeping a uniform and detailed way of recording your tea drinking can be difficult. Luckily, Nicole Burriss’ Tea Log allows you to jump right in without any of the hard work in setting up a notebook yourself.

Nicole Burriss’ Tea Log allows users to accurately record a detailed account of their “Journey of Tea” using simple fill-in forms and charts. The entire notebook is set up in a way that allows users to easily breeze through it to get a quick idea of their past tea habits and notes.

Apart from providing ample space for recording information on various teas, the first few pages of the Tea Log are dedicated to providing users with basic tea information including tea types, history, production methods, and tea tasting.

Nicole Burriss’ Tea Log really is the ideal option for those looking to chronicle their “tea journeys.” The general information on tea provided within the book is easy to read and serves as a good reference for both beginner tea drinkers and veterans alike. I will continue to use mine in good faith that my recordings will serve me as valuable references in the future and will help me to chart out my progression in tea tasting.