machinematcha1Because I do the social media for our own tea company daily, I come across articles on new loose tea innovations for the consumer.  This Summer and Fall it seems like one right after the other, from here, there and everywhere, all the way from independent inventors on Kickstarter to megacorporation Nestle, are coming on the tea-brewing scene.
Below are just a few, with links and short descriptions, so you can get a closer look.  Prices are all over the board as well, into the over 4 figure range.  Enjoy and let us know if you buy/try one!
The Solo Automatic Tea Infusion Mug:  Guarantees perfect results every time with three infusion cycles.
Teforia:  A $1500 high-style home brewing system from a Silicon Valley tech guy with venture capital backing.  This says it brews tea in a way that brings out the right nuances/notes.
42Tea: From Tech Times: “42tea is a connected cube and accompanying app that guides users through each of the steps of tea preparation based on the type of tea”
Ocha 2.0  Smart Kettle, mobile app from a tech student at India Institute of Technology.  Brews tea from anywhere so you come home to hot brewed tea.
The Glowstone: A smart mug that keeps your tea from going lukewarm..and we all hate that!
The Sphere Tea Maker. A beautiful-looking stylish home brewer that makes two different types of tea at the same time.
And, friends, last but not least, from a well-known megacorporation, it’s:
Nestle’s matcha-making machine, so you can forget about the whisk.
Does this make anyone else think ‘tea is hot’??

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