tching_illustrated_review-teapet_nov_18What better way to adorn your tea experience than with a tea pet! These gentle, artful creations are crafted with purple sands or clay, in addition to red and green clay.

Historically dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1206 – 1368) from Jiangsu province, tea pets come in the shape of the mythical Chinese beasts Pixiu and Quilin. Additionally, pets also come as human figures, zodiac icons, and small animals that express good wishes, and symbolize good luck, fortune, and happiness. There’s even a pet called Pee Boy made especially to indicate the proper temperature of boiled water.

The best part? Your pet is nourished by tea water. To “raise” your pet, (their word for “season”), simply pour leftover tea onto your pets while utilizing a tea brush and your pet will absorb all the TEAlicious goodness. Under your love and care, your pets will dampen to a soft luster and produce a potpourri aroma of your favorite teas.

Do you have a favorite tea pet? Do share! Comment below and be sure to include a picture if you have one.

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