photo-1465400325222-409b0b34be7cGreen tea is probably the healthiest thing you can drink: it supports the process of weight loss with its fat burning properties, it is filled with antioxidants, it improves blood flow and lowers cholesterol levels, while its L-theanine has a calming effect. Obviously, there are numerous health benefits to consuming green tea, but what about using it as a natural remedy in your beauty routine?  No doubt at all: green tea combined with other ingredients straight from your kitchen cupboard can help you achieve beautiful and radiant skin. Mix up different formulas and make your own DIY face masks to address your skin’s needs.

A relief for sensitive skin: green tea + honey + lemon juice

This power combo is perfect for sensitive skin as it has calming effects. Green tea is extremely nourishing: packed with antioxidants, it enables your skin to breathe freely. Honey functions as a natural antibacterial: it helps with blemishes and skin conditions such as acne while preventing new breakouts. Lemon juice also has antibacterial properties and is well known as the best natural ingredient used for lightening skin. It functions as a natural chemical peel: the citric acid will gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells, ensuring a lovely glow. Use only one tsp of lemon juice and keep 1:1 ratio for other ingredients. Apply the mixed ingredients evenly to your face and hold for 15-20 minutes.

9509632741_d8e4c32522_zGetting rid of the excessive shine: green tea + lemon juice + rice flour

In addition to the mentioned benefits of green tea and lemon juice, rice flour helps with handling a specific skin problem. If you’ve been struggling with oily skin, you can try this natural green tea face mask enriched with rice flour that works as a natural exfoliant. The flour absorbs all the excessive sebum from your face and restores the optimal balance of skin’s natural oils. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face before applying the pack. Leave the mask on for about 20 min. Wash your face with cold water and gently rub it off so to exfoliate your skin. Apply your usual moisturizer: make sure it’s not an emollient one since your skin is naturally oily. Commit to a routine where you’ll put this mask at least once per week.

Say goodbye to dry and flaky skin: green tea + banana + yogurt

Don’t you just hate the tightening feeling on the skin? Dry skin can be a lot to handle, but this green tea mask empowered with yogurt and banana is a true savior. Bananas are rich in the potassium that deeply hydrates the skin, as well as the healing vitamin A and amino acids that help skin maintain its elasticity. It’s also rich in antioxidants: when combined with green tea’s antioxidant properties – rest assured, free radicals won’t stand a chance! Yogurt is full of vitamin D and calcium and it’s a great moisturizer your skin will love. Pamper yourself: the beauty of this mask lies in the fact it’s deeply hydrating, mild, and easy to make.

Miraculous anti-age mask: green tea + red wine + honey + egg white

Green tea is your ally in deferring the aging process. Mix it up with red wine, honey, and egg white – and you’ll end up with youthful-looking, dewy skin. Red wine contains resveratrol and polyphenols that help tighten the skin and combined with egg white – it will better your skin’s tonus. This heavenly drink is considered to be very healthy and is anti-inflammatory. No wonder French women choose to drink it every day as part of their beauty routine. After leaving this mask on for about 15 min, wash it with lukewarm water. You can even apply a homemade green tea toner afterward: your skin will repay you with a beautiful look.

Use all of nature’s goodies and mix them with green tea. Go green for beauty and be creative: come up with your own masks – it’s inexpensive, simple, and incredibly effective!