dunkindonutsI was surprised to read that Dunkin Donuts have embraced premium tea. Obviously that’s a positive but I have to confess. A small part of me, the tea snob in me, thought “Give me break. Good tea at Dunkin Donuts….?”  Starbucks feels like it was on another level. The price point was higher and the atmosphere is definitely high end. I guess I’m saying I see Starbucks as a White collar establishment (who else could afford to get their coffee there) and I would say Dunkin Donuts is a blue collar kind of place. Truth is, I haven’t been to a Dunkin Donuts for decades but that’s how I remember it from years ago.

In Portland Oregon, we’ve elevated donut eating to specialty shops with lines around the corner. Imagine waiting 45 minutes to buy a VooDoo donut? Although the selections are anything but upper class, they are indeed damn good donuts. “Cock N Balls” is a perfect example……right on down to the cream filling in the balls.


Obviously having the general masses in America, those who frequent Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, exposed to higher-quality teas is a very positive step for the tea industry. Starbucks played their role in introducing good quality tea to countless coffee drinkers around the country. Introducing good quality tea to people who might otherwise have no direct experience with good tea helps to get the word out. I’ll just have to find a Dunkin Donuts in Portland when I’m there next and see for myself…….is it high quality, tasty tea?

If anyone frequents a Donkin Donuts and has direct experience with their new tea line, I’d sure love to hear your feedback.

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