dianewalden2016-11No matter who you voted for, hopefully, you voted your conscience.  We will have a President-elect who will do his best, and an outgoing President who did the same.  This was a particularly intense campaign and it was refreshing to see them both come out of their first meeting with such positive attitudes.

What was also positive was seeing the First Lady and the future First Lady getting to know each other a bit over our favorite beverage–tea.  This post isn’t going to be deep, long, or anything but palliative, I hope.

I hope that we can follow the example our leaders set.  Whether or not we agree, can we remember that talking is always more conducive to building bridges than drawing up sides?  Can we sit together over a cup of tea and discuss and listen to one another and work together to make our country better?

It’s been a long election year.  It’s time to move forward together for the good of our country.