1841101896_6282fe642a_oGinger spiked tea with a few leaves of Holy Basil added to it is something I distinctly remember as a part of those days during my growing-up years when I could sense the beginning of an irritating cough or needed an urgent relief to the blocked nasal passage.

In fact, the “Queen of Herbs” also known as Holy Basil or Tulsi is an integral part of the average Indian household and grown in earthen pots in the garden or the backyard. We usually add freshly plucked Tulsi leaves to masala chai however it tastes equally wonderful when tea is prepared with the tea leaves, milk, sugar and the dried tulsi leaves steeped in it. I have also tried the Tulsi Green Tea of Organic India (which is known as a provider of genuine products for overall well being) and found it really soothing. It may be enjoyed as iced tea too.

There are known to be extraordinary health benefits associated with the Tulsi herb for thousands of years. It is known to support your system against stress by helping to relax, is rich in antioxidants, helps support your immune system, and so on……

Tulsi tea is a simple drink to make and is described as the Elixir of Life. Try it!