2016-10-20-emmalawson-02The sweet aroma of warm tea has the power to wake up all the senses. Tea lovers always aspire to make a perfect cup of this drink, which is both healthy and soothing. You don’t need to be the master of Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony in order to make yourself the best cup of this liquid delight. Keep on reading and you’ll find some useful tips that will change the way you prepare and consume your tea forever.

1. Tea Leaves Instead of Tea Bags

Using a tea bag might seem practical, but with so many interesting tea leaves infusers available on the market today, you too can experience the completely new and unique taste of using tea leaves in your beverage. Once you try this for the first time, you’ll see for yourself that tea can be as rich and pleasantly scented as a cup of coffee for example.

2. Brew More than Once

Old tea drinking cultures believe that the tea gets better the more it gets brewed. For example, Chinese claim that tea leaves provide the best possible taste and aroma after the second or third brew. Still, for this technique to work, it’s essential to remove the leaves once the tea is brewed so that they don’t get further stewed in the pot.

3. Water Temperature

People nowadays often make the mistake of waiting for the water to boil and then pouring it over the tea. Such high water temperature can actually kill the flavor as well as health properties of specific tea leaves. Therefore, the next time you decide to make some tea, make sure to remove the kettle just before the water starts to boil. Little bubbles on the side of the kettle can signify the moment when it’s time to remove it.

4. The Amount of Water

The taste of tea can also be lost when tea leaves are poured over with the excessive amount of water. In that respect, you can use the appropriate measure of loose tea for a cup size and calculate the amount of water you’ll need by pouring the water into the cups first (before adding tea of course) and then pouring the water into the kettle from the cups. Of course, always use fresh water for brewing the tea because stale water can change the tea’s taste and aroma.

5. Appropriate Teaware

Like there is a perfect type of glass or cup for every drink, there are some suggestions for the perfect kind of teaware when trying to experience that perfect sip of tea. It’s believed that the most gratifying and tasty tea comes from porcelain cups. Nowadays, porcelain cups are easy to find and one can get them in various creative designs thanks to unique stores such as Peter’s of Kensington that pay attention to customer’s demands and personality.

6. Storage Tips

When you store your loose tea, make sure that it’s away from any other foods and spices that might change the tea’s scent. It’s also important to keep it away from the ground and walls, in an airtight container so that there’s no possibility of moisture damaging the tea’s quality. When it comes to said quality, definitely opt for top quality tea when purchasing some. You might think it’s too extravagant, but if you want to make that perfect cup and get all the benefits from it, you’ll find it well worth it.

Once you know these tips and tricks, you can enjoy your tea in a way that you’ve always wanted. Make sure to try different teas and even combine them with milk, so that you can get to know all the different tastes and aromas that this warm beverage has to offer.