For those of us who have been hit with a medical crisis, we know how it can truly rock our world. For those lucky enough to get to the other side, we often gain valuable experiences that cause a shift in our lives, long after the illness has passed.  Susan Parnell had her world turned upside down when she was stricken with Lyme Disease. For those who fail to catch it early, it can have devastating long term effects on the body. Susan’s journey through the rigorous assault from Lyme disease treatments was to become introduced to herbal teas. She believes that her healing was positively impacted by medicinal herbs which allowed her to support and strengthen her body.

Susan’s passion led her to create healthy tisanes for a variety of obstacles.  I was delighted to be offered an opportunity to try her brews. As we both hail from New Jersey, that was yet another connection we had, beyond our love of medicinal herbs and tea. I requested her SMART tea and received a few others as well.

I started with the SMART tea of course, as who could pass that one up? Checking out the ingredients, I was surprised to find green tea along with a variety of herbs including ginkgo biloba, gotu kola and a nice offering of tasty herbs such as peppermint, rosehips, blueberry and black currant. As this is touted as a healthy beverage, it is of course organic across the board. I was a bit concerned about the high temperature requirements of herbals and the likely bitterness from the more delicate green tea but with all of those tasty herbals, it wasn’t a problem. I found the drink to be quite delicious and fruity. Having not slept well the night before, I must admit that the drink seemed to provide me with a bit of energy and enough cognitive abilities to write this post.

I found HAPPY tea to be equally enjoyable with wholesome herbal selections of tulsi, lemon myrtle, chamomile, rose petals and stevia to sweeten the deal. Again, this company uses organic teas and herbals exclusively.

The lively containers provoke a smile when ever I reach into the cabinet to grab a canister. I think you’ll be glad you checked out Wild Tea for what ails you.