6921419356_54b3f128f9_oI have written on many occasions about the hydrating effect of green tea.  I had noted conclusions from Carrie Ruxton from Kings College in London who is a public health nutritionist, that tea is in fact hydrating.

“There were no statistical differences between regular tea and water when a wide range of blood and urine markers for hydration were tested among the volunteers. In addition, urine volume was similar after tea or water, confirming that we do not urinate more after drinking tea.”

There were, however, always those who swore that drinking tea caused them to urinate more frequently. A report in Daily Tea finally explains why some have that experience. “We all know people who insist that they urinate more frequently after drinking a cup of tea. This is due to their sensitivity to caffeine. On further investigation, it appears that we quickly build up a tolerance for caffeine. When we drink tea daily, our bodies will adjust to the caffeine and eventually will not excrete it more quickly than water.”

I do love the bottom line.  Drinking tea helps provide the necessary hydration that our bodies need each day. Most physicians recommend 8 glasses of water daily and for me, that always felt like an uncomfortable amount to swallow. If some or most of those glasses can be your favorite green tea, that’s a great option to replace the tasteless, mundane water requirement. In addition, it provides a second bang for your buck by being loaded with antioxidants to protect your body from the scourges of modern living. Remember to go organic as there’s no need to taint the healthiest beverage on the planet with pesticides.