rainEvery summer we return to southern India to spend a few enchanting days with parents and relatives, and it is often to revisit many memories and to relive the charm of the monsoons. The magic of the incessant rains in this region coupled with the wealth of lush greenery everywhere is extremely therapeutic, having the power to wash away the stress and strain of an entire year.

What enhances the beauty of the holiday is undoubtedly the wonderful tea consumed several times during the day. A refreshing cup of ginger–spiked tea with milk in the morning, while listening to the pouring rains outside sets the mood for a refreshing day ahead.

Mid–morning, when it is once again time to gather for an energizing cup of chai and chatter, the constant symphony of the rain is audible in the background, sometimes sounding like gentle humming and slowly working itself into a deafening crescendo.

Tea time in the late afternoon is most delightful, nibbling on snacks and soaking in the sheer beauty of nature all around–the wetness of the earth, droplets of water still clinging to the leaves after a heavy downpour and colorful butterflies flitting from flower to flower.

In the late evening, tea is definitely accompanied by a reflection on the events that occurred during the day and usually some light rain, too.

The deafening sound of the rains can still be heard late into the night serenading us into sweet slumber as we dream of creating new memories the next day.