If any of you are podcast listeners out there, some of you may already be familiar with the Sawbones comedy podcast. On this show, Dr. Sydnee and her husband Justin spend each episode discussing the weirder side of medical history, often to humorous results. Most of the time they will devote an episode to a specific illness, but sometimes they will discuss medical treatments too.

A recent live episode actually had tea as the focus. In it, the co-hosts discuss the origins of tea, how it proliferated across the globe, and especially how teas were used to treat illnesses throughout the ages. Believe it or not, drinking tea was used to treat some unusual ailments. They even discuss the difference between a tea and a tisane, something which mass media seems to have a hard time grasping. The meat of the program starts about five minutes into the recording.

It’s definitely worth a listen, as they do go into some of the claims tea makes nowadays. A lot of tea’s medical claims are completely valid, but just as many of them aren’t, and even some of the proven points are simply blown out of proportion. Can regular tea drinking keep you healthy? Certainly. Can tea prevent you from… absorbing computer monitor radiation? Probably not.