The way to Munnar, a quiet hill station in southern India, is full of sharp bends and narrow pathways.There are colourful houses, temples, and little schools dotting the slopes, with numerous quaint shops selling handicrafts and a choice of teas with various spices. The journey is a little tedious. However, what it leads to is a welcoming carpet of green in all shades and immaculately manicured tea bushes stretched out as far as the eye can see.

In the morning, the sight of a lake of mist gliding on the hills in the distance is spellbinding and sets the mood for a refreshing day. Groups of women with handwoven baskets tied behind them can be seen plucking the tea leaves.


The amazing greenery of the tea gardens everywhere, the weather that is at times misty with intermittent light showers, and the clear fresh air carrying the fragrance of tea all make Munnar a tea paradise whose beauty seems to enhance with every visit.


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