Tea 1I love it when a company gets it right. CasaWare’s Tilt and Drip Tea Infuser Mug has some innovative components that make single-mug steeping of whole leaf tea a no brainer. They actually eliminated the need to wait patiently, while holding the hot strainer, for all the water to be drained out of the leaves, ensuring subsequent perfect cups of tea throughout the day. Each element of the system has been well thought out including the non-skid silicone base which allows this  attractive mug to be placed on any type of furniture without concern.

Tea2The stainless steel infuser is extra-fine so even your smallest whole leaves won’t escape during the brewing process. If you’re steeping some medicinal tisanes, the lid will keep the volatile oils safely in the mug so you’ll have the optimal brewed herbal. This 14 oz mug will hold lots of your favorite tea so you won’t need to make frequent servings.  This is my new favorite tea infuser. I suspect it will become yours as well.

Tea 3