As the Best Tea Blog on the internet, we receive countless offers to sample and review teas from around the world.  Subsequently, I have become extremely selective in my willingness to sample tea.  I have one prerequisite however which does eliminate many opportunities – it must be organic.  I believe strongly that when we consume something regularly, it should not contain pesticides.  No matter how healthy tea is, if it’s loaded with chemicals and pesticides, it’s no longer a health beverage from my vantage point.

It’s no surprise that I LOVE tea – especially greens and whites. My second love is chocolate (followed by my third love which is bread).  When I received an offer from Tisano to sample their Chocolate tea, I was unable to resist. Of course, I first confirmed that it was organic and didn’t have any added sugar.  Much to my delight, I discovered that they offered a 5% profit sharing with farming communities and the Victor Pineda Foundation which is a non-profit, global disability rights organization. Now I just had to wait for the samples to arrive.

On the day of arrival, I made my first cup of chocolate tea and believe me, it was heavenly. I like dark chocolate, the darker the better, and this 100% cacao tea was better than I imagined a chocolate tea could be. The instructions called for 1 teaspoon of cacao tea to 8 oz of water. Although I was tempted to add a bit more cacao, as most addicts are inclined to do, I felt compelled to brew up the tea according to the recommendations.  Heat water to 210 F and steep for 5 long minutes.

The tea was simply delicious. It satisfied my craving for chocolate and it felt like I was drinking my dessert. This will surly satisfy me when I’m trying to reduce my consumption of cookies and cakes.  It just hit the spot and left me feeling very happy. I plan to place an order this week as I’ll not risk running out. Once my husband tries it, it will be gone before I blink.  Thank you Tisano.  You’ve got a winner!