8294901179_c883c612f6_oIt is with tremendous pride that I have the pleasure to announce that T Ching has won the Best Tea Blog award at the World Tea Expo.

Without each member of my team, Tony Nunez, Ryan Mac Michael, James Rubly, and Connor Adlam, this could never have happened and I do mean that literally. The other necessary element has been my tribe of guest contributors from around the world.  I think that has been an important element of our success.  Each separate voice has combined to bring a diverse vision and interpretation to the world of tea. Thank you all for generously sharing your love of tea with our ever growing tea community.

I am always delighted to see where our T Ching followers hail from.  I’ve been able to identify 57 countries around the world where tea lovers have found T Ching.  It is truly a small world.  We have each taken an interest in tea. Some are fascinated by its history, some its rituals, which vary from country to country. Some have become tea drinkers simply because it’s good for you while others because it’s delicious. Whatever the reason that brought you to your first cup of tea, I believe tea will have an opportunity to change you, if you allow it. Open yourself up to this ancient brew and see what lessons the journey has to offer.