frenchpressBy Fyna Ashwath

Tea holds a special place in the hearts of many due to its long history, rituals and its role in art, literature and religion.

Tea, for me, is a celebration of life, beginning with a cup of “positivi-tea” in the morning or at any time throughout the day.

A cup of tea in solitude is a celebration of you, infusing one with creativi–tea or the freedom to dream. It is the brew that helps in friends growing closer or strangers becoming friends. Tea is a celebration of choices, each type offering the “versatili-tea” of a different pleasure to suit one’s mood or personality–light, open green tea, buttered–veggie oolong, hearty, rich black tea or the earthy pu-erhs.

The art of tea, with its details such as time, energy and attention, gives it a relaxing and also meditative quality. The science of growing, picking and brewing tea as well as its numerous health benefits reminds us of the aspects of tea that extend beyond the pleasures of the leaf.

For me, every cup brings with it a celebration of a different memory–of tea and incessant chatter with cousins during the years of growing up, drinking ginger-spiked tea with friends during college days with cupid tales as the perfect accompaniment or of tea at home with family or friends and the loud laughter that reverberated through the house. It is also a celebration of every season–of curling up with the steaming brew and a book on a rainy day, of spicy chai on cold evenings or sipping green tea on summer afternoons.

And that is why as Samuel Goldwyn said, “Coffee is not my cup of tea”.