citadel1To be completely honest, when I received the samples of the tea offered by Citadel Tea for this review, I was not expecting to be impressed. I try to avoid bagged tea at all opportunities and I have to admit that my pre-existing thoughts of teabags left me with painfully low expectations. The tea sold by Citadel tea has left me pleasantly surprised and with a great affordable option for drinking tea on the go.

Sourcing their teas only from Ceylon, they actually offer quite a unique range. All of Citadel tea’s flavor infusions are approved by the FCC and are completely natural according to the company’s website.

The leaf material used in the 100% biodegradable tea bags is good and on par with many other Ceylon or India-grown loose teas. The tea is packed in well-designed cardboard boxes with a resealable plastic bag for the tea inside.

Their collection of “wellness” tea features unique blends of tea and herbs to create very interesting flavor profiles.

The following is a brief description and review of the Citadel Tea offerings that I’ve tried.

Green Tea

Citadel’s green tea is unique in that it is grown in Ceylon like the rest of the company’s offerings. Before this, I have never been in contact with a Ceylon-grown green tea, and after trying this one, I may want to find more. The flavor profile is clean with a mineral aroma supported by a thick, smooth body. Grassy notes are present making this a very refreshing summertime drink.

Bael Flowers and Green Tea

I found this one to be the most interesting. It is my understanding that Bael flowers are renowned for their health benefits but having never tried them before, I found this tea to remind me somewhat of dill-pickle-flavored potato chips… It was a bit of a shock taking a sip of this one but I think it would be nice to drink alongside a salad of some kind.


This relaxing blend is very well-executed. It strikes a perfect balance between mint and lemongrass that calms both the mind and body.


The leaf material for this one is very colorful and visually striking from the blend of various herbs. The liquor is dark and the body is smooth and thick. This naturally sweet tea-and-herb combo is light with a gentle kick of ginger adding some spice.

Green and White Tea

The scent and liquor color coming off of this one is fantastic. The light green liquor matches the light and crisp flavor profile very well. Because this blend is made up of green and white tea, using cooler water temperature for brewing will help to maintain the tea’s natural sweetness as well as bring out the lighter, more subtle notes that can be missed if using higher temperatures.

Earl Grey

Citadel Tea’s earl grey is on par with most of the other loose leaf earl grey teas out there. It brews reliably and consistently with the Bergamot adding a light acidity to counterbalance the black tea’s robustness.

While it won’t replace the puerh or oolongs I drink Gongfu style, I find it to be perfect to throw in a mug with some hot water if I’m in a rush. You can’t go wrong with Citadel tea if you need a quick, convenient option for good tea on the go.

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