teawhitepaperI routinely read the World Tea News as a way to keep current with industry news. I was delighted to learn that they have put together a White Paper that highlights their upcoming Expo.  For those who will not be attending next month, however, it offers a glimpse into topics that interest tea drinkers around the globe.

Two items that caught my attention were written by Shabnam Weber. “Specialty tea is the No. 1 growing item in the beverage category. Because the two largest demographics, baby boomers and millennials, are both turning to tea as their beverage of choice.”  I find it fascinating that both boomers and millennials are choosing tea to meet their needs on multiple levels. Another tidbit that Shabnam notes is that “the only thing you can sell in your restaurant that will make more money is olives…by the piece. That’s right. Tea has the highest profit margin of any single item you can sell.”

Moving along, there’s an insightful piece by Charles Cain highlighting the “Five Keys To Success In Retail”, an interesting interview with Maria Uspenski from The Tea Spot on “Tea As A Healthy Lifestyle Product”, and of course our own favorite chef Robert Wemischner reminds everyone that “Tea Is Way More Than A Beverage”.

Although this initial White Paper focuses on those presenting at the Expo, future papers will provide valuable information for tea lovers who get an opportunity to hear about information that had been previously reserved for those in the tea industry. I very much appreciated them making this information available to the public.  This is truly a win/win scenario.  The general public gets industry insider information which fuels their love of tea.

Keep on drinkin’ my friends.