DSC01493It gives me tremendous pleasure to report that T Ching has been named a finalist in not 1 but 2 Best categories; Best Blog and Best Social Media Reach.  I am blown away by such a response.  As those of you who have voted know, the final voting is only allowed by attendees of the Expo.  That, unfortunately, leaves the average tea drinker out of the voting and pretty much represents the votes of those in the tea industry.  For me, I feel like we’ve already won.  Having tea lovers around the world narrow down the playing field to 5 favorites truly makes each of us winners.  We have won the popular vote.

I want to thank each and every person who reads our blog each day and took the time to nominate us.  I want to thank our outstanding Guest Contributors who bring their own unique voice to the blog each month.  I also want to extend my congratulations and appreciation to my team here at T Ching;  Tony Nunez, James Rubly, Connor Adlam, and Ryan Mac Michael. Each of you plays an important role in making T Ching something special. Each of you has donated your time and talent to help spread the word about TEA.

I started T Ching in 2006 with the goal to introduce the general public to the profound health benefits of this ancient drink. There is a wave of interest in tea and I’m grateful that we have played a small role in that endeavor.  We plan to keep writing about our favorite thing and hope you’ll enjoy the ride with us for another decade or two!