illustratedreviewmay2016Savor a sip of your Pu-erh tea. Allow the rich, black liquid to swirl on your tongue and make your senses dance. Can you feel it? The connection to spirit? How your body communicates while drinking Pu-reh tea is what the Chinese call “Cha Qi” –– tea energy life force. Hailing originally from the Yunnan province, the fermented and aged tea made from old tea trees is used to revive concentration and usher in relaxation without losing its energizing properties. And, if you consume too much Pu-erh tea, or any tea of low oxidization, you might become tea drunk or “Cha Zui” –– having consumed too much caffeine.

A Pu-erh can make you feel TEAriffic!  Rumi says it best with: “Love is the energizing elixir of the universe, the cause and effect of all harmonies.” All this to say, I’m drinking in the Cha Qi with Thé Pu-reh Sheng Xishuangbanna from The De Cru, Montreal, Quebec,

Cheng Xishuangbana – Wash the leaves twice for 15 seconds each time with water 85C.  Use the tea water to wash the cups and warm your teapot. Two to three minutes for the first infusion. For the other infusions, shorten the time to 20 seconds or less. Enjoy.

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