I just love how social media is bringing tea lovers together. Whether those tea lovers are growing it, packaging it, shipping it, importing it, exporting it, selling it, buying it, or sipping it, it’s just never been easier!

There is a tea for everyone. It is not the place of any individual to judge another’s tea preferences. As I have been saying for years, “There is room in the tea industry for all of us because the tea industry needs all of us!” We are drawn to this industry for many different reasons, by many different passions, and with specific talents.

When Linsey Manning, the owner and tea blender from The NecessiTeas, contacted me and sent me some of her blends to sample, I was delighted! Having spent three years bringing tea into the senior communities in San Diego, Ca., I know her teas would be a spectacular hit with all of them!

Linsey’s teas are just perfect for those moments you think you are craving something sweet or dessert-like. For a minuscule number of calories, you can satisfy those desires by sipping her tea.

IMG_8796_1I asked her a few questions about what brought her into the world of tea, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her answers.

Why do you focus on flavored and dessert teas?

I chose to do flavored/dessert teas because I have a HUGE sweet tooth! I have always loved sweets, candy, and desserts. I have always done my best to eat as clean as possible and stay fit but desserts were always calling my name! I thought to myself, how awesome would it be to have a tea blend that tasted like a dessert, curbed that sweet tooth without all the guilt and you were still getting the health benefits from the tea itself. 

Where did you learn to blend tea?

I actually taught myself. I spent a couple years doing research but no one wants to give up any of their secrets so I had to figure it out on my own. After about a year, countless hours, and trial and error, I was successful.

Why focus on organic flavorings?

I use all natural and organic flavorings because who wants anything artificial? I am currently working on a line of teas that will be 100% organic as well. I use as many organic blending components as possible. It is a bit more difficult however to find organic gumballs, caramel or chocolate pieces for my really extreme blends!   

What is it that excites you about the tea industry?

Tea itself excites me! The beauty of it, the process, the ritual, the way it makes me feel or calms me down after a stressful day. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most every day! But what excites me even more, is how fun I am able to make it, and how fun I can make the experience for my customers. I do my best to be as creative as possible with my blends. I want my customers thinking to themselves ‘Wow, how did she do that?’  Hearing what people say and reading reviews of my products is what drives me even more to push the envelope with my blends. I don’t want to be just another tea company, I want to stand out and offer blends that no one else does! 

Where do you see you and your teas in five years?

Five years from now I would love to walk down the aisle of Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or any grocery store for that matter, and see my blends sitting on the shelves. Ultimately one day, I would love to have a retail store. I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they smell and taste my blends, and I would love to experience that every day.

Selling online can be easier, and I am constantly getting amazing feedback through emails, Instagram and phone calls, but to see how my tea excites someone in person is a whole different story. I want to be that brand that everyone is talking about, I want my blends to be in tea lovers homes across the world. When people are talking about tea I want them to say, ‘You need to try The NecessiTeas.'” 


For “hand-crafting dessert-flavored teas one batch at a time,” to “excite your senses” and to have “dessert in a cup,” please check out Linsey’s website.